10 Best Day Trips from Salzburg

Continuing on from my Best Things to do In & Around Salzburg post I have for you, my list of best day trips to do from Salzburg! There’s a bit of a mixture mixture, from city trips to day hikes but all are within 2 hours of Salzburg city centre by car or public transport. As […]

Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand

Travel Guide to 2 Weeks in Thailand

Thailand was the last stop on my South East Asia backpacking trip and my two weeks there started in Bangkok. I day tripped to Ayutthaya, went north to Chiang Mai on an overnight train then caught a bus to Chiang Rai, flew south to Krabi and island hopped my way via Koh Phi Phi to Phuket where […]

Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand
Spot Gaisberg in the distance! Salzburg, Austria

A Locals Guide to 3 Days in Salzburg

I fell in love with Salzburgs charm while on an Erasmus exchange in 2016. My six months living there were perfect though I have to admit I lived a life of luxury thanks to the combination of my student loan, Erasmus loan and cheap rent! However, Salzburg is easily enjoyed on a budget and honestly […]

Spot Gaisberg in the distance! Salzburg, Austria
Pretty lanterns. Hoi An, Vietnam

5 Reasons Hoi An is My Favourite Town in Vietnam

There are always stand out locations on long backpacking trips that stick in your head and remind you how much you love travelling. Hoi An is one of those places for me. Everyday in the little town was a complete pleasure for such a variety of reasons. Seriously, you would be mad not to include […]

Pretty lanterns. Hoi An, Vietnam
Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand
Spot Gaisberg in the distance! Salzburg, Austria
Pretty lanterns. Hoi An, Vietnam
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Boat trip from Cat Ba Island to Ha Long Bay!

3 Week Travel Guide To Vietnam

I am finally writing my 3 week backpacking guide to Vietnam, about a month after returning to England! Vietnam is an amazing country, by far my favourite out of the ones I’ve visited in South East Asia. The people are ultra friendly, the food is delicious and obviously the scenery is incredible… I can’t wait […]

Why Valencia is My Favourite City in Spain

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city and as you can tell by the title, by far my favourite! It is modern and cosmopolitan but manages to remain cultural and amazingly Spanish. I spent one week here and feel I only scratched the surface of what Valencia has to offer. If you’re looking for somewhere to […]

16 Must Do Short Walks in New Zealand

I did a lot of walking in New Zealand… looking back I’m not sure how I managed because realistically, I was not fit enough for the amount I did! But I survived and massively enjoyed every walk so can’t complain! However, some walks were more spectacular than others so here I have listed the best of […]

Best Things to do In & Around Salzburg

I have such a soft spot for Salzburg because of my amazing erasmus exchange there but also just because it’s a very beautiful part of the world! There is so much to do in and around the city that a weekend away really isn’t long enough to experience it all. I actually found there was also […]

Happy to be hiking in Cat Ba National Park, Vietnam

Welcome to Local Leo

Hello old blog followers and potential new blog followers. My name is Jenny and I am a 22 year old woman/ traveller/ feminist/ creative/ bookworm/ vegetarian/ Leo in the midst of what I think is safe to say a quarter life crisis… Welcome to my blog! For the last month and a bit I have […]

My Most Used Travel Apps

Not being the most organised traveller in the world has its perks and I definitely prefer leaving my options open for backpacking as I find it makes for a more exciting trip. However there are some aspects of travelling that with a little forethought/a couple random apps can be made a heck of a lot […]

First Day of Change

I’m back from a slightly boring bank holiday weekend spent unpacking my South East Asia rucksack, catching up on laundry and getting over jet lag… not very glamorous it has to be said! However, the weekend has given me lots of time to consider what I want my first proper post on my revamped blog […]