A Weekend in Innsbruck – Photo Diary

Beautiful architecture in Innsbruck, Austria

A Weekend in Innsbruck – Photo Diary

This has been the hell of all busy weeks, too many long train journeys, too much packing and far too many goodbyes but I’ve finally settled back down… in Falmouth, England! My study abroad ended on Monday so I’m back to the reality of having to work for my degree (sigh). But last weekend, as a final hurrah, I spent a weekend in Innsbruck with the friends I made on Erasmus in Salzburg. We were visiting two people from our group who had already packed up and left. And it really was a lovely way to end things. The city is completely surrounded by beautiful mountains and is it one of the most popular ski resorts in Austria.

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On the Nordkette peak, Innsbruck
Beautiful architecture in Innsbruck, Austria

I stayed in The Penz Hotel with one of my friends for the one night, two day weekend in Innsbruck. It was in the centre of the town and had beautiful views of the mountains, such a treat! There was a lot of beautiful architecture nearby, most famously the Nordkettebahnen Stations designed by Zaha Hadid. There is also the Swarovski Museum which I really enjoyed and would say is worth a visit. I had no idea Swarovski had collaborated with so many artists.

Architecture in Innsbruck, Austria
Mountain view in Innsbruck, Austria
Nordkette cable car in Innsbruck, Austria
Nordkette peak, Innsbruck

Obviously we had to venture up one of the mountains which took about 20 minuets via the Nordkette cable car. It had a few different stop off points where I took a ridiculous amount of pictures… the view of Innsbruck was breath taking. At the top people were either skiing or relaxing. It had a very surfer/skier vibe added to by the DJ and bar! I wish we had been able to join in and ski but non of us were dressed appropriately for the amount of snow up there.

After messing around on the mountain we headed back down and wandered through the old town. We past the famous Golden Roof, to an Austrian restaurant were we ate, drank and enjoyed each others company! I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it wasn’t anything special. We went for a drink in a traditional beer hall called Stiftskeller which was worth seeing though. Very pretty, very Austrian!

Nordkette peak in Innsbruck, Austria
Mountain view in Innsbruck
Nordkette peak in Innsbruck, Austria

I’m really glad I got to spend a weekend in Innsbruck before leaving Austria. Luckily I’m visiting Salzburg in April so don’t have too long to wait before being back in the beautiful country/ reuniting with friends. I plan on doing a post about study abroad programmes (maybe a pros and cons list), something lighthearted but informative as well. If you’re interested in that let me know. Also if you’ve done a study abroad programme, where did you go and did you loved it as much as I loved mine? Lastly, I hope you had a nice weekend!

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