A Relaxing Week in Krakow – Photo Diary

A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Polish Dumplings and Vodka!

A Relaxing Week in Krakow – Photo Diary

Firstly, I hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter full of relaxation and chocolate consumption! Secondly, hello yet again from another long blogging break… university has been very very busy (and I’ve been away) so my time has been stretched, to say the least. But I wanted to make time to post about my week in Krakow because I had such an amazing time there. I haven’t ever read a post about Poland so feel the need to spread the word on how interesting the culture is, beautiful the architecture is and inexpensive everything is!

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A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Main Square
A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Polish Dumplings and Vodka!
A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Polish Dumplings and Vodka Restaurant

I stayed with my beautiful best friend Ania during my week in Krakow and was lucky enough to have her show me around. My favourite part of the city and one of the biggest tourist attractions was definitely the main square and old town. We spent hours wandering around the area, chatting and catching up which was lovely. Another place we visited was the Jewish quarter which was very beautiful. We ended that day with a little walk to and around Kościusko Mound

We ate twice near the main square in a very chic little cafe called Bistro Charlotte which I’d 100% recommend. It isn’t traditional Polish cuisine by any stretch but was really yummy and had a nice atmosphere. For traditional Polish food, again near the main square is a place called Pierogarnia Krakowiacy. They specialise in dumplings and vodka! It was so cute, folky, maybe a little touristy but insanely cheap.

A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Old Town Main Square
A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Mary's Basilica Ceiling

Another area of Krakow we visited was the Nowa Huta district. It was built by the Soviets as a separate town for industrial workers to live in. As far as they eye could see were block after block of identical flats. They are laid out symmetrically around grass squares which once would have had statues of Lenin standing in them. They have all now been pulled down. It was really interesting to walk around though I have to admit, there was quite a hard and intimidating feel to the place.

A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Cemetery in Jewish Quater
A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Kościuszko Mound
A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Salt Mine Day Trip
A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Horses in the Main Square

Ania had to go to university one of the days I was visiting so I ventured out on my own. I chose to go to the nearby Wieliczka Salt Mines which were very impressive. Miners have carved huge cathedral chapels underground into the salt which are lit by salt chandeliers. It was very Lord Of The Rings! You could also do a day trip to Auschwitz from Krakow. I chose not to as I have been to concentration camps in the past and didn’t feel it was appropriate for this particular trip.

I am hoping to visit Poland again soon because I really feel it’s a country with a lot to offer. There is so much culture, history and beautiful scenery to experience plus at 5 zloty to the pound, it is incredibly cheap. I definitely recommend visiting and if you can, a week in Krakow is a good place to start!

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