A Locals Guide to Belfast

Northern Ireland
Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

A Locals Guide to Belfast

It would always surprise people when I’d say I’d never been to Northern Ireland and to be honest I don’t have a decent excuse as to why, other than it’s so near me it got put on the back burner (aka I can when I’m old and don’t want to fly very far). But as one of my closest friends has moved to Belfast I thought I might as well visit… it didn’t disappoint. So courtesy of said friend, here is her locals 3 day guide to Belfast!

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The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
Day 1: Belfast City Centre

Belfast has a very interesting history which is made obvious by the graffiti and murals littered across the city. Spend a day wandering around taking it all in, visiting the dockyards and the Ulster Museum if you have time. My friends and I had an amazing Mexican the first evening at La Taqueria which you should definitley check out before experiencing Belfast’s nightlife…

Day 2: Giant’s Causeway & Coastal Road Trip

You have to do a day trip to Giant’s Causeway and I’d recommend hiring a car for the day so you can do what we did! Heading north we stopped via The Dark Hedges, otherwise known as Kings Road! Did any of you recognise it from my first picture? It looks pretty different tarmac but still cool for a Game of Thrones fans like myself! 

At the Causeway, park at the hotel (you have to get a tea or something there but it’s cheaper than parking). You don’t have to pay to see the Causeway either even though it seems like you do because of the visitors centre. You just need to walk around the building to get to the public path. I was literally so excited for this part of the day as, weird story, I used to have a reoccurring dream about Giant’s Causeway when I was little! 

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

If you fancy lunch, The Fullerton Arms Restaurant had the most amazing mussels I’ve ever had in my life. Plus it’s along the scenic route which is the way we took back to Belfast. This drive, the coastline and the little towns we passed through were all beautiful. It was super stormy the day we did it which was exciting, must be amazing in the sun too. We cut back inland around Larne to get back to Belfast faster. 

Day 3: Titanic Museum & Sightseeing

Our last day in Belfast was spend recovering from an awful hangover. If you’re not stupid like me visit the Titanic Museum and if you didn’t see it on the first day, St Georges Market. Two full days in Belfast felt like enough to see everything and my friends seemed to agree.

I hope you found this 3 day guide to Belfast, Northern Ireland helpful. If you have any other recommendations for places to see/eat I’d love to know!


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