How to Spend a Relaxing Weekend in Verona

Piazza Delle Erbe, Verona

How to Spend a Relaxing Weekend in Verona

The simple answer is spend it doing nothing (still read this post though…)! My weekend in Verona was potentially the most relaxing trip of my life (desperately needed having just got back from a packed trip around south east Asia!) and it was great. I didn’t do any major site seeing or itinerary planned days as, to be honest, there isn’t a lot to do or see in there. Instead my time was spent eating, drinking and exploring the city by foot.

So even though I’ve just told you that there is nothing to do in Verona… I still think you should go! It’s perfect for foodies, winos and those of you after a break from hectic daily life. I have lots of restaurant and bar recommendations plus a smattering of things worth seeing around the city to tell you about. Also if you’re looking for somewhere central to stay, I recommend this Airbnb. My hosts were super helpful and the flat was beautiful… literally I wish I lived there it was so nice.

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How to spend a weekend in Verona - Juliets BalconyJuliet’s Balcony

Vegan breakfast at Elk Bakery, Verona
Breakfast at Elk Balcony

All my restaurant recommendations are on behalf of my Airbnb hosts and they were all amazing. I went back to a restaurant called Greppia three times, they had lots of vegetarian options and the best fresh pasta I’ve had in Italy. Pizzeria Da Salvatore was recommended by lots of people and we had to queue to get a table! The restaurant doesn’t look like much but don’t be put off, it’s good pizza! You’ll only find locals in there which says a lot.

A great vegan place I found was called Dulcamara. It was very chilled out, had a really interesting mix of vegan food and worth the walk from the city centre. Flora was also a very highly rated vegan place but I wasn’t a fan, too expensive and fine dining esque. Elk Bakery did amazing brunch food although not Italian. It was very trendy and again we had to queue a little to get a table as it was full of locals. Lastly, I have to recommend the pizza and cocktails in Cuppa CaffeI think I actually preferred the pizza here!

How to Spend a Weekend in Verona - View of Castel San Pietro

Piazza Delle Erbe is the square you can see in the first picture. It had such a buzzing vibe and was a great place to get a drink and relax outside on warm evenings. The main shopping street is linked to this square too. You obviously have to see Juliet’s balcony… good luck wading through the mass of school trips that seem to be there everyday though. It is very near Piazza Erbe. The Roman Area is impressive and I think nicer than the colosseum in Rome because it isn’t surrounded by busy roads so that’s worth a look too, not that you’ll be able to miss it! It is in the centre of Piazza Bra and again this place has a great vibe at night. I also really enjoyed Castelvecchio Bridge, it was lovely to cross and then walk down to the river bed.

Verona is very small, you could easily explore the centre in a day so take your time with it. Also all the tourist maps point out the churches that are worth visiting so if possible pick one up. Bar recommendations on the other hand were hard to come by so I have a few for you. Osteria del Bugiardo was super cosy, I actually went on a date here 🙈. The local Amarone red wine was amazing. I mentioned Cuppa Cafe before but I will again because the cocktails here were great. Lastly Le Cantine de l’Areana has live music some nights (Friday/Sunday I think). It’s expensive, you’re paying for the location really but it has a good vibe.

How to Spend a Weekend in Verona - Lake Garda
View of Lake Garda from Desenzano

How to Spend a Weekend in Verona - Lake Garda

I did also do a day trip to Lake Garda as I was actually in Verona for 5 days, too long to just spend in the city in my opinion. It is super easy to get to on the train. Verona to Desenzano takes about 20 minuets and from there you can get a ferry to Sirmione which is much nicer than Desenzano! There are so many restaurants in the little town. It’s a foodies heaven and there is a very pictures castle to wander around too.

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