How to Have an Amazing Weekend in Barcelona With Your Best Friend

Best Friend Weekend in Barcelona

How to Have an Amazing Weekend in Barcelona With Your Best Friend

A little disclaimer before I begin… the pictures I took on this trip are not amazing! I was concentrating too much on food and fun and quality time with my favourite person in the world, my best friend Silvana. So please excuse my uselessness at being a travel blogger! However, I did not completely fail. I have made a vlog which isn’t that awful and with that I managed to capture Barcelona’s beauty as well as what we got up to on our weekend away. Another disclaimer, this post is actually 4 years old but I’m moving it over from my old blog. So, I hope you enjoy it regardless!

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If you’re flexible, flights to Barcelona can be really cheap. We managed to get ours for £80 return which is pretty much the middle ground when flying from London. Inexpensive accommodation wasn’t as easy to find but we were quite lucky and had a lot to see within walking distance of where we ended up staying. We were also near a metro station which we used to get to the Old Town and beach. Barcelona beach is actually man made and by no means the nicest beach I’ve ever visited! But who really cares when all you want to do is sunbathe (or shade bathe if you’re super pale like me!). The jellyfish warnings are pretty freaky, you’ve been warned!

Barcelona is really spread out so you end up using the metro and walking a lot to get from place to place. It is definitley worth getting a metro pass if you are there for more than a weekend because it makes life so much easier and will save you money. 

We visited the Old Town and Barcelona Cathedral which are must sees, the old city is very beautiful. We also saw the Sagrada Familia which was incredible although we didn’t go in as the queue was really long. These were my favourite parts, I like architecture and Barcelona has such an interesting mixture of it. The food was also great and you can make it as expensive or inexpensive as you want. We ate out each evening and stuck to cheaper options for lunch. Tapas and Paella are musts while in Spain, especially if there are a lot of you. With tapas, the more people the better!

We also visited Barcelona Zoo and were not very impressed. It was very very hot and some of the animals were obviously uncomfortable. In hindsight we shouldn’t have supported it by going but generally, when zoos promote conservation and breeding programs, I am not against them so didn’t think to object.

We spent a lot of time getting lost and I expect you will too. Barcelona’s grid system is confusing because every corner looks the same! But getting lost always worked out in our favour. We accidentally found the Font Magica which a lovely guy we met on the bus from the airport had told us about. You have to visit the fountain at night when there is a huge show with opera music playing and the fountain changing shape and colour in time to the music (terrible description, see my vlog below for a better explanation!). The atmosphere is incredible. You can look up the times of the shows depending on when you go. Also the views from the Palau Nacional are amazing and best of all there are escalators that take you to the top!

If you’re interested in seeing more than just pictures check out my vlog. It isn’t a chatty video but more of a montage. Barcelona is a great city and one I definitley want to revisit as there is so much we didn’t get to see. It is a great budget holiday and the perfect destination for a friends trip.

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