Hiking in Königssee – The Most Beautiful Place In Germany!

Hiking in Königssee - The Most Beautiful Place in Germany

Hiking in Königssee – The Most Beautiful Place In Germany!

It has been a while, I’m sorry… I’m a bad blogger *slaps wrist*. Life has completely gotten in the way of my usually frequent posts on here because I’ve been so busy!! I went through a (long) stage of blogging to keep happy and distract myself from life but since moving away and starting my Erasmus everything has changed, I feel free and content. But today I felt like writing which is amazing because when I first started this blog I blogged because I liked it not because I needed it. So anyway.. ramble over. Sorry it’s been so long, I’m blogging and I’m happy and let’s get back to the post!

** Guys, this is another post I am moving over from my old blog and just so you know I am still feeling happy in myself and my life, cheers to that! Also excuse the quality of some of the pictures, 2015 phone camera to blame**

A few weekends ago here in Austria we had a bank holiday which my friends and I took full advantage of! We visited Konigssee, just over the border in Germany and went hiking in the mountains there. It was so breathtakingly beautiful and the weather was perfect. Autumn here is so colourful and really not cold! It was about 15 degrees Celsius that day and today it’s around 19 which is crazy for November! Although this weekend it is meant to snow which admittedly I am really excited about as the Christmas markets open in Salzburg and won’t that just be perfect?

This weekend (Thursday to Sunday) I’m doing a three part trip around Germany, first Munich, then to Berlin, Cologne and back to Munich! I’ll be vlogging the whole thing so that’s something to look forward to! I also have a Salzburg vlog to edit as well as my Morocco vlog which is so overdue! I’m going home for Christmas so should have some time then to catch up on that editing plus I’ve managed to squeeze in a little holiday to Venice with my Auntie before New Year so there will be another vlog!! Lots of travel stuff to look forward to on here! Hope everyone is amazing and have lovely weeks and I hope you like this chatty post.

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