Christmas, New Year and 2019 Travel Goals – Perfecting That Work Life Balance

Christmas, New Year and 2019 Travel Goals

Christmas, New Year and 2019 Travel Goals – Perfecting That Work Life Balance

Freakishly organised as I am, I already have a general idea of where I want to go in 2019. However, for the first time in my life I have a full time job which makes extensive travel a little bit harder. I get 20 days holiday per year… nowhere near enough to satisfy my wanderlust. But you watch me, I am going to make the most of it! Mainly by being thrifty with bank holidays and weekends and packing in as much exploring as I physically can. 

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Christmas, New Year and 2019 Travel Goals


This year, my family has decided to go away for Christmas… give me strength! I’m half joking and am actually really looking forward to it despite the potential for anarchy. There are 11 of us in total, which I think is enough said! We have booked a cottage in Norfolk, in the middle of the beautiful countryside. It has a gargantuan wood burning fireplace, a double oven and extremely festive vibe which I am living for right now (it is December so no shame here). I’m praying for snow to complete the picturesque setting. I also haven’t had the chance to make a snow man in years so it would be perfect.

My parents have recently taken in two refugees who will be joining us for their first English Christmas so I really want the holiday to be perfect for them too. They don’t speak English but are little, so undoubtedly excitable. Having kids around at Christmas is always fun!

Christmas, New Year and 2019 Travel Goals


To make the most of my holiday I have booked a trip to Amsterdam straight after Christmas. I first went about four years ago and loved every second spent in the city. This time I am going alone and staying in a hostel. I can’t wait to wander around the Christmas markets, wrapped up in my big, cosy coat. From there I am catching the ICE train to Cologne where I will end 2018 partying with friends, no doubt, suitably inebriated!  

Christmas, New Year and 2019 Travel Goals


In England we have 8 bank holidays so I am going to be maximising the shiz out of those in combination with my work holiday dates. And if all goes to plan I should be able to fit a fair bit in. At the moment I have one trip booked for 2019 and I am pretty excited about it. In April I am going back to New Zealand, this time with my family. We haven’t been to visit relatives there as a group in 21 years, so it’s a little over due and I can’t wait! I am then hoping to go away over Easter as I get four days off. A short and sweet, European city break is what I have in mind (thank god visa free travel is still going to be a thing after Brexit. It’s the one minor silver lining to the whole thing). I’d then like to go to Cuba, late summer but this is not 100%. It depends how much time I have left off as I also have a half planned trip to Lisbon to consider. We shall see how it goes!

Now, excuse the following cliche blogger statement but, where has 2018 gone?! 



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