Perfect Gifts For Girls Who Travel – 2019

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Perfect Gifts For Girls Who Travel

Perfect Gifts For Girls Who Travel – 2019

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines Day… so many holidays and so little gift inspiration!! I’m here to help as a girl who loves to travel, these are my top recommendations for perfect gifts for girls who travel – 2019! With all budgets in mind, I have come up with this list of tech, practical, not so practical, art pieces and books for you to scroll through and choose from. Hopefully you find something a little unusual here for your friend or loved one and they end up being wowed!

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This online and printed magazine features adventure, travel and expedition stories as well is incredible photography. It is beautifully curated and designed and always inspiring. I have started collecting these myself and can’t get enough of the raw, compelling and real tales the contributes have to tell. This would make a perfect Christmas or birthday present for girls who travel and live for adventure! They’re inexpensive and you can buy the year subscription at a discount.


The 90 Neo Classic is basically the grown up version of the Instax Mini. With advanced features such as bulb and double exposure you gain more control while it remains easy to use. Buying gifts for girls who travel can be tricky but know this will be a crowd-pleaser. The instant gratification you get when the shot is printed is great. I love my Instax, recommend them to everyone and would be beyond chuffed to receive one of these as a gift. Remember to throw in some Instax Mini Film too to get them started!


A practical stocking filler? Backpacking, holidays and constant use can wreck your passport to the point the cover has rubbed off and pages are falling out. You can actually be refused entry when a passport reaches this level of use! So getting a passport cover is a present is great because it isn’t always the first thing you think of getting for yourself. I have a beautiful blue leather one from Kurt Geiger but you can get less expensive ones everywhere.


These suitcases are TRIPPS best selling and for good reason. The hard shell is still light, the storage solutions inside are great for staying organised and they come in lots of different colours. You can buy them on Amazon for less than on the TRIPP website too. So if you need gifts for girls who travel this is a great place to start as it is practical and pretty cool! They come in three sizes, the most useful I think being the Cabin 6. It is hand luggage size for pretty much all airlines so great for city breaks and weekends away.


Another super useful stocking filler! Silicone travel bottles, 100ml for hand luggage are such game changes. They are easy to clean, don’t leak and when they’re empty you can squish the air out and pop them in any little space in a rucksack. I use mine all the time, even at home because they are so practical. They’re also really inexpensive and more environmentally friendly than buying disposable travel minis whenever you go away.


I am currently saving up for one of these myself! They are extremely practical for long backpacking trips. Rather than carrying however many physical book copies, taking up space in you bag, you can have thousands of books saved on a Kindle. The new Paperwhite is lighter, thinner, has twice the storage and is waterproof making it a perfect gift for girls who travel. You can also buy them secondhand if you’re on a budget which is what I may do myself although for a gift, a new one is always that bit more special.


Following on from the environmentally conscious theme, Keep Cups are becoming a norm in everyday life. I don’t go a morning on the tube without seeing at least a few. It means no more single use cups from Pret/ your coffee shop of choice and you get a discount on your coffee when you have your own cup. They aren’t too pricey and the person you’re buying for will save money in the long run. Likewise for a good quality reusable water bottle. One with a filter is always nice too.


The bees knees of all noise cancelling headphones. Like the Keep Cup I can’t go a morning without seeing at least five pairs of these on the tube! But what makes them perfect gifts for girls who travel is the cancellation of aeroplane noise. With these on you can sleep easily on long or short haul flights, reducing jet lag! They are a pretty penny but if you can, these would make an amazing gift. If you haven’t tried them before, give them a go in store because it the difference is incredible. You can save a bit buy buying them on Amazon compared to directly from Bose. They also come in dark blue and silver. It is also worth buying the aeroplane adaptor plug for watching movies.


Gifts for girls who travel don’t really get better than an AirBnB gift card do they..? However, at the moment only US citizens can purchase them. Buy why not make an IOU or coupon card for an AirBnB as an alternative. Kind of like a Joey love coupon for any friends fans reading! Then it has a handmade, thoughtful element while being practical.


For some on board/ holiday luxury this Aesop travel kit is perfect. It contains conditioner, shampoo, body cleanser and body balm. Complement the set with their Immediate Moisture Facial Spray, Rinse-Free Hand Wash and Avail Lip Balm if you’re feeling generous! Girls who travel don’t always have time to pamper (me to a T!) but these honestly smell so good that it will be made a priority. They are in 100ml bottles so suitable for hand luggage too.


All of the Lonely Planet coffee table books are beautiful but the illustration on these particularly caught my eye as I am sure it will for many others. Gifts for girls who travel that inspire further travel are a great idea. Especially for those of us who can’t travel as much as we would like because of jobs, families etc. I received Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List – 500 Best Places On The Planet, Ranked as a gift from my best friend and love it. My bucket list doubled in size after reading and I love to flick through for holiday inspiration when I need it!


There are plenty of beautiful travel posters to be found on Etsy but The Print Arcade ones are particularly nice and they are inexpensive. The posters are based on vintage travel artwork and have been reworked in brighter colours. Their full range is available on their website with posters for places like Cuba, Cofu, Cote D’Azur and more. I bought a small Amsterdam print for myself to pin on my wall at university and loved it. They don’t come with frames though, just as a heads up!


I first spotted these beautiful map posters on Instagram and think they would make the perfect gift for any girl who loves to travel. They are sleek and simple so suit any home and you can get them for pretty much anywhere in the world. They are also very customisable which is fun. You can buy the hanger in the picture in different finishes on the site too. I love these and will be asking for one for myself come my birthday!


Neal’s Yard Remedies to Roll are pocket sized aromatherapy blends of essential oils which stimulate your senses in different ways. Some use lavender to relax you, others use zesty scents and clove to energise you. There is one specifically aimed at travel which helps ease fatigue and lift your mood with a revitalising blend of bergamot, neroli, rosemary and clary sage. It smells amazing and I love mine for my commute as well as for travelling abroad!


The Fujifilm X100F is not a cheap gift at just over Β£1000! However it is the best point and shoot on the market. If you’re on more of a budget the FujiFilm XT100 is a great travel photography camera and actually the one Kirsten from The Blonde Abroad uses so you know it’ll pack a punch. However, another option which doesn’t require a lens is the Canon SX740 HS Powershot. I had a Canon Powershot for a long time and loved it as an easy to use, high quality camera which was small enough to travel easily with.


This rucksack is designed specifically for women making it far more comfortable to carry for long periods of time. The back is adjustable and the harness is fit for women’s hips. The bag has all the usual Berghaus features such as hydration systems, pole attachments and it opens from the bottom as well as top. It comes in two colours and looks pretty great for a practical bag! It is also 60L so perfect for longer trips. I’ve had my eye on this for a while and may have to purchase soon as it is currently discounted on Amazon!


This jewellery travel case by Mejuri is one of my favourite gifts for girls who travel. It is beautifully designed, feminine and practical. There is international shipping and they also sell a huge range of fine jewellery made by skilled female designers and craftswomen. They cut out the middle man so that luxury becomes accessible for all. Also, they use ethical practices although this is a leather case so not suitable for vegans.


These are another Etsy find and could it get any cuter? I think not! The writing sets are completely hand designed and finished in Lancashire UK and include writing paper, envelopes, note cards and sealing stickers. There is also a gift wrap option on checkout and they ship internationally! On long trips, studies abroad or when someone moves away it is always a lovely feeling to send a letter and I think the romantic/ nostalgic feeling of writing a letter appeals to travellers especially!


Feeling extravagant? Of course, a weekend away is one of the most perfect gifts for girls who travel because you are enabling their wanderlust! A city break would be ideal and if you live in Europe this can actually be pretty inexpensive. Plus it is a present for yourself too, presuming you join! From London, weekends in Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam or Edinburgh are great options because of the minimal travel time. Check for deals!



  1. These are such lovely gifts and perfect for a person who likes to travel. If I was a traveller I would like to take a journal, where I could put Polaroids to do a mini scrap book. Thank you for sharing!

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