My Travel Wishlist

My Travel Wishlist

I am constantly planning future travel adventures inspired by guides I’ve found on Pinterest, Instagram accounts and real life travel stories (from friends and podcasts!). There are so many places I would like to explore/experience that I found narrowing it down quite difficult. But to make this post a normal length and my goals more achievable I have done just that! So here is my current Travel Wishlist, my top 6 trips which I hope to tick of my bucket list soon. For each trip I have a corresponding Pinterest board full of inspirational views and guides which I will link below.

Adventure Dalmatia kayaking in Croatia
1. Croatia Kayaking Trip | Pinterest Board

This one has been a long time coming. I planned and researched the trip almost 3 years ago to do with an ex boyfriend but we didn’t ever go (and are no longer together, awkward haha) but I’ve been dying to go ever since. It would be a kayaking focused trip starting in Plitvice Lakes National Park and then I would head down to Dubrovnik to kayak around the islands there. From Dubrovnik I would also love to day trip to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Havana, Cuba.
2. Cuba Road Trip | Pinterest Board

Cuba has always fascinated me. From studying the Cuban missile crisis at school to loving myself some Havana Rum, I don’t mind admitting my interests in the country are both high and low brow! I romanticise the dilapidated architecture, vintage cars,  colourful streets of Havana and can imagine myself dancing traditional Cuban Danzón on a warm evening in a bar somewhere. To road trip Cuba would be amazing, that way I could get a little more off grid and experience Cuba properly.

Local Leo: My Travel Wishlist! Road Trip Around America
3. America Road Trip | Pinterest Board

This is by far the least thought out trip on my Travel Wishlist. Obviously, the USA is huge and so far I have only been to New York. But I would love to visit Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks, Washington, Philadelphia, San Fransisco and the Southern States. New Orleans would be amazing and obviously I’d have to go to Harry Potter World. Do you have any other recommendations for places to go in the US, or even a road trip itinerary?

Local Leo: My Travel Wishlist! Backpacking around India
4. Backpacking Around India | Pinterest Board

Like Cuba, I have always been fascinated by India. The culture, food, scenery, history and textiles! Incase you didn’t already know, I work in the textiles industry and the main reason I would like to backpack around India is linked to that. I would love to get off grid and meet the crafts men and women working for sustainable and ethical brands such as Vanderhurd and Fabindia. I have also thought about volunteering for an ethical textiles charity based in India or Nepal.

Local Leo: My Travel Wishlist! Iceland
5. Iceland | Pinterest Board

I’ll be the first to admit, I do not know a lot about Iceland other than there is the potential to see The Northern Lights which is the main reason I want to go. Reykjavik does look beautiful though so I’d make sure to stop there as well as The Blue Lagoon in Grindavik and Vatnajökull National Park.

Local Leo: My Travel Wishlist! Central America
6. Backpacking Around Central/South America | Pinterest Board

Last but not least on my Travel Wishlist is Central/South America. 100% inspired by my friend Jenny (yes, we’re both called Jenny!) I would start my backpacking trip in Mexico and work my way south finishing in Colombia. If I had the time/money/ energy I would add Ecuador and Peru onto this trip. The countries line up perfectly and that way I would be able to see Machu Picchu too. However, Central America definitley interests me more than South America. I’m not entirely sure why but thats the way it is!

All Images: Pixabay