A Week in Paris & Versailles: Photo Diary

Photo Diary – A Relaxing Week in Paris & Versailles

I cannot believe the summer has already ended. It has gone incredibly fast yet somehow second year of university feels like a life time ago. In fact, I’m finding it quite strange to be writing this post back in Falmouth!! But lucky for me, I managed to squeeze one last trip in before returning to […]

A Week in Paris & Versailles: Photo Diary
The 10 Best Budget Rucksack For Travellers

The 10 Best Budget Rucksacks for Travelling

The right rucksack will make or break your first backpacking trip and indeed, all the trips to follow. It has to fit well because you need to be mobile! However, spending £100 on a rucksack is not an option for everyone and for a one off trip hardly worth considering. So with that in mind, […]

The 10 Best Budget Rucksack For Travellers
A Week in Paris & Versailles: Photo Diary
The 10 Best Budget Rucksack For Travellers
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A Relaxing Week In Krakow - Polish Dumplings and Vodka!

A Relaxing Week in Krakow – Photo Diary

Firstly, I hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter full of relaxation and chocolate consumption! Secondly, hello yet again from another long blogging break… university has been very very busy (and I’ve been away) so my time has been stretched, to say the least. But I wanted to make time to post about Krakow because I […]

Beautiful architecture in Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck Photo Diary

This has been the hell of all busy weeks, too many long train journeys, too much packing and far too many goodbyes but I’ve finally settled back down… in Falmouth, England! My study abroad ended on Monday so I’m back to the reality of having to work for my degree (sigh). But last weekend as […]

Weekend In Amsterdam

Weekend in Amsterdam

I have a few trips planned for this summer, the first of which was last weekend! Three of my closest friends and I spent two jam packed days in Amsterdam. I didn’t take many pictures but I really want to go back as two days definitley isn’t enough to appreciate the city completely. I did […]