A Locals Guide to Copenhagen


A Locals Guide to Copenhagen


Last week I took a three day trip to Copenhagen and was lucky enough to have a resident local/ old friend guide me around Denmark’s capital. It’s safe to say I fell in love with everything about the city. The coffee culture, nightlife, history, clean streets, architecture and fashion… I could go on. Said friend is going to have a hard time keeping me away! We explored, cafe hopped and enjoyed the little daylight Denmark enjoys in December before venturing out to experience Copenhagen by night.

My main piece of advice is to remember, Copenhagen is a small city. You can save money by walking everywhere, plus that way you can soak in more of the atmosphere. Wandering around the city, stopping in cafes, little boutiques and independent startups was my favourite part of the trip.

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1. Copenhagen Street Food

Copenhagen Street Food is an indoor food market in the Christianshavn district. Apparently it is constantly packed full of locals enjoying the variety of international and traditional food stalls and bars. The vibe in here was really cool, busy but friendly/happy (full bellies=happy people) and all the food smelt and looked amazing!

2. The Meatpacking District

The nightlife scene in Copenhagen in pretty on point. I went out every night I was there, joining my friend and his friends at their local haunts! Fermentoren is a craft beer bar and great place to start your night. Then head to Mesteren & Laerlingen otherwise known as Corner Bar in Meatpacking and end your night in Jolene

3. City Bikes

Admittedly not really a secret but these are a must for any trip. Bear in mind these city bikes are electric which is something I was not aware of the first time I used one. I have hilarious memories of my friend and I cycling, a little intoxicated in the snow. Not behaviour I recommend!

4. Tivoli 

We were too hungover to face the crowds in Copenhagen’s century old amusement park (plus my friend admitted to not actually liking it very much) but I have it on high recommendation that this is a must see when you visit Copenhagen! And to be fair, when we walked past it did look very beautiful.

5. Christiana 

This was a surprise to me as I, maybe a little niaevely, had never heard of Copenhagen’s freetown/comune. It’s a self governed area of the city where you can legally smoke marijuana. We didn’t stay very long as the vibe was a bit weird, maybe nicer during the summer when it’s a little busier? However it was pretty cool to cross under the ‘you are now leaving the EU’ sign and explore.

6. Coffee Culture

There is literally a cafe on every street corner in Copenhagen and once you leave city centre they get really nice. TripAdvisor has a great Top 10 List although we just wandered until we could find ones with seats. Something I found super weird was how prams (containing children) are left outside while adults sit inside and enjoy their coffee!

7. Louisiana & Design Museum

Louisiana is Copenhagen’s highly acclaimed modern and contemporary art museum, worth visiting even if you’re not a modern art fan. The Design Museum again definitley worth going to, to experience famous Danish design!

8. Nyhavn & The Little Mermaid

And last but not least you obviously have to visit Nyhavn (see first picture if you don’t know what I’m on about) and The Little Mermaid statue when in Copenhagen and get the obligatory tourist pictures.


  1. I want to go to Copenhagen, I've only ever heard good things about it and it looks so pretty! I plan on doing a few mini Europe excursions next year so maybe Copenhagen will be one :)x

    1. You definitely should go to Copenhagen! It’s really lovely there, makes me want to see more of Denmark. Having a local guide makes a trip though so I hope you find these recommendations helpful 🙂 I’ll follow your blog to read about your trip 🙂 x

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