My Current Favourite Long Journey Podcasts


My Current Favourite Long Journey Podcasts

The journey to and from New Zealand was insane… a 32 hour flight including 9 hour stopover in Beijing. I can safely say that without these podcasts I would have died of boredom. They distracted from swollen plane feet, screaming children, snoring seat neighbour and so on. Although I listen to many other podcast series, these four are my guilty pleasures. The ones I look forward to weekly! My all time favourite podcast series is Desert Island Discs, new and archive episodes. I’ve listened to almost every one now… and I’m making my way through the backlog on the other three series too.

As I said, myΒ #1 is Desert Island Discs. Second up is The High Low, a weekly commentary on pop-culture/current events. I find the two presenters hilarious! Third is The Guilty Feminist, again very funny but they also discuss/debate really hard-hitting topics. And lastly, Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin. I haven’t listened to many of these but I was mesmerised by the interviews with Molly Ringwald, Sarah Jessica Parker and Dustin Hoffman. Give them a listen if you haven’t already and if you have any podcast recommendations let me know!

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