First Day of Change


First Day of Change

I’m back from a slightly boring bank holiday weekend spent unpacking my South East Asia rucksack, catching up on laundry and getting over jet lag… not very glamorous it has to be said! However, the weekend has given me lots of time to consider what I want my first proper post on my revamped blog to be about.

Turns out there’s a lot I want to write about so I better get cracking.

As I’ve mentioned, my unplanned gap year has finished and I am now trying to figure out what I want to do next. Luckily while away I organised an internship in a textile mill over the summer so I do have something in the pipelines. Whether the internship is relevant to what I actually want to do in the future is another question… answer is I’m still not sure! But I figured it’s a decent starting point which also lets me focus on non career related things for a while. And it’s the ‘non career related things’ I want to write about here…

I’m talking about travel, potentially my biggest passion in life. I would like to travel and experience the world as much as possible and as ethically as possible. Alongside this I would like to be more ethical with my lifestyle choices, think more holistically/ethically about nutrition and start taking goal setting a little more seriously. So I think an amalgamation of these interests will be the basis of my future blog pots and that today I will actively begin to be as conscientious as possible (new blog, new me haha).

Here’s to the first day of change!

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