10 Must Do Day Trips from Salzburg, Austria


10 Must Do Day Trips from Salzburg, Austria

Continuing on from my Ultimate Weekend Guide to Salzburg I have for you, my list of best day trips from Salzburg! There’s a bit of a mixture mixture, from city trips to day hikes, all are within 2 hours of Salzburg’s city centre by car or public transport. As I mentioned in my previous post, I love Salzburg after spending 6 months on Erasmus exchange there. In that time I built up a lot of knowledge on the area which I can’t wait to share with you!

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Hallstatt hike, Austria

Hallstatt – obviously has to be first on this list. A UNESCO world heritage site and only 1 hours drive from Salzburg you really can’t miss out on the beauty of this little town. There is a short hike you can do to the lookout which you can see in the picture above. I really enjoyed my day trip here, it was relaxed and surprisingly not too busy.

Munich – 1.5 hours by car or 2 by train makes Munich a great day trip destination from Salzburg. There is a lot to do and see in the city but a few things to not miss out on include the Town Hall and old town, Oktoberfest (if you’re there at the right time), Hofbrauhaus for a beer and the English Garden.

Werfen Castle

Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave – The largest ice cave in the world and it’s only a 40 minute drive from Salzburg… pretty impressive and definitely worth paying to go inside. You can check the prices out here.

Hohenwerfen Castle – If you go to the ice cave then you should also add Hohenwerfen Castle to the days itinerary as they’re both located in the town of Werfen. The walk up is very relaxing and pretty even if, like me, you visit in the middle of winter! I don’t have a very good picture of the castle but definitley google it, it’s very impressive.

Hallein Salt Mine – Now a museum, Hallein Salt Mine is a great place to learn about this history of Salzburg. Also there is a slide (just saying) and it’s only 1.5 hours from Salzburg by car.

Eagles Nest – Again, roughly a 40 minute drive from Salzburg, Eagles Nest was used by the Nazis for government meetings. It’s plonked right on top of Mt. Kehlstein and the views are incredible but check before you go that it is actually open! It closes for about half the year because of the weather.

Konigsee in Autumn, Germany

Konigsee – in autumn this is some of the most impressive scenery I have ever seen. The colours of the trees are incredible, see first picture and picture above! This is a lovely day trip from Salzburg and only 40 minutes by car. There is a boat you can catch from the side of the lake you drive to, to the other side where you’ll find St. Bartholomew’s Church and the start of lots of different hikes.

Wolfgangsee/Fuschlsee – You can get to Wolfgangsee in under an hour from Salzburg and the best/fastest route is via Fuschlsee. If you’re in Salzburg in the summer these lakes are a must do! Swimming in a cool lake surrounded by mountains is my idea of heaven!

Zell Am See – is the perfect place to ski when in Salzburg, it’s only 1 hour 20 minuets away by car and about the same by public transport. The lake is also great for swimming and there are loads of places to cycle and hike too!

Untersberg – Last but not least I recommend Untersberg and if you’re up to it, cycling to the base of the mountain! From Salzburg it takes about an 1 hour each way, mainly along the cycle path that follows the Salzach which is really pretty. You can then leave you bike at the bottom and get the cable car from St. Leonhard up to the top of the mountain and have lunch in the alpine restaurant!

Untersberg peak in the snow, Salzburg, Austria

At that is it! Just FYI, my favourite day trip is Konigsee because the hikes are amazing. But let me know if you go to Salzburg and do any of the day trips I have recommended! Also don’t forget to check out my Ultimate Weekend Guide to Salzburg for more information/ recommendations on things to do in the city itself.


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