What is it Like to Live and Study in Falmouth, Cornwall?

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Princess Pavilion Gardens in Falmouth, Cornwall

What is it Like to Live and Study in Falmouth, Cornwall?

Falmouth is a pretty little seaside town in Cornwall which also happens to have a huge student population thanks to the universities of Falmouth and Exeter. I thought it might be interesting for those of you who are considering applying to either university to hear what it’s like to live and study in Falmouth, aka. the west country from a student!

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Beautiful Gylly Beach in Falmouth, Cornwall

The nightlife scene in Falmouth isn’t amazing, I won’t lie to you! However, there are a couple of decent bars (lots of decent restaurants!) and one club which is so awful you just have to accept it for what it is. The joint university student union hosts parties fortnightly on campus which are always a good laugh and to be honest I have a great time in town. It’s the people you’re out with that make the night!


I think it is safe to say ‘relaxed’ best sums up Falmouth town centre. The close proximity to the beach seems to have a calming influence on locals and students here including myself! There are lot’s of lovely, independent bookshops and bakeries but for highstreet shopping you have to go to Truro which is about 20 minutes away by train. This doesn’t seem to bother anyone though. Plus not having a Topshop in Falmouth has saved me ALOT of money.

Beautiful Gylly Beach in Falmouth, Cornwall

Cornwall is undoubtedly a beautiful part of the country and there is so much opportunity to experience the amazing beaches and coastline if you go to university here. I take advantage of it as much as possibly by being part of the sailing and climbing societies and I think it is a big part of most people’s lives here.


Yes, my train journey home takes around 8 hours but honestly you get over the feeling of isolation really quickly and being independent is a great thing. When you live too close to home you don’t get that. The main thing to remember if you’re worried about living in the middle of nowhere is: once you’re here, you’re in a bubble. There are so many other students that you forget how small the town is.


Falmouth University has one campus in the town centre and one in Penryn which is shared with Exeter University. Personally, I love working on a shared campus as I find being surrounded by a mixture of creative and academic students more interesting. In first year most students live on Penryn campus in halls which is great fun. In second and third year most move into the town centre and house share. That means whatever campus your course is based on you will end up getting the bus to uni at some point. It’s a bit of a pain but you deal with it.

That’s about all I can come up with for now but I may add to this post in the future! If you have any questions about Falmouth or anything else related ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer everyone.

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