Easy Vegan Chickpea Massaman Curry: Hostel Kitchen Series

Quick & Simple Vegan Chickpea Massaman Curry

Easy Vegan Chickpea Massaman Curry: Hostel Kitchen Series

I will start off by saying this recipe uses a shop bought Blue Dragon Thai Massaman Curry Paste so if you’re after a curry from scratch this isn’t for you. Some may consider using a paste lazy (I do a bit myself!) but after a long day, when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is whip out the pestle and mortar and start grinding spices… I’m sure you can sympathise. So if you are after a quick, easy and delicious vegan massaman curry recipe you have come to the right place!

When I was in Thailand I couldn’t get enough massaman curry! This curry is a little different to the ones I tried over there though. I have replaced potato with chickpeas and have it a little thicker. Here are my reasons! 1. as a veggie getting protein into my diet where I can is a must, hello chickpeas (did you know for your body to best absorb the protein from chickpeas they should to be eaten with a form of whole grain?). 2. I find runny curry annoying to eat and I prefer a creamy texture.

This recipe serves 2 (one portion for me and one to take to work cold for lunch the next day!). I like to serve it with brown rice.


. ½ a can of drained chickpeas
. 8 florets of normal or long stem broccoli (can add more)
. ½ a red bell pepper (can add more) (fyi in England it’s just called a pepper but best to avoid confusion!)
. 4 pieces of baby sweetcorn (can add more)
. 1 white onion
. 3 cloves of garlic
. 1 tin of coconut milk
. 1 Blue Dragon Massaman Curry Paste (the little 50g pot)
. salt, pepper and dried chilli to taste

Quick & Simple Vegan Chickpea Massaman Curry

1. If you’re having rice with the curry start by putting that on to boil, especially brown rice as it takes a little longer
2. Chop your onion, garlic, sweetcorn, red bell pepper and broccoli and pan frying at a medium heat until the onions start to soften (not too soft though, I find it nicer when the onions have a little crunch left to them and they will continue to cook in the coconut milk anyway)
3. Add the curry paste and allow to fry for a few minuets
4. Add the coconut milk to the frying pan, bring to the boil then reduce to a simmer
5. Once the milk has started to thicken and the veg is almost cooked through add the chickpeas and leave simmering for another five minuets
6. Season to taste and serve with brown rice

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