Hiking Around Königssee: Is This The Most Beautiful Lake In Germany?

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Hiking in Königssee - The Most Beautiful Place in Germany

Hiking Around Königssee: Is This The Most Beautiful Lake In Germany?

Bank holidays in Austria mean hiking and when I lived in Salzburg, I was spoilt for choice. But for a weekend my friends and I decided to leave the beauty of Austria and instead, ventured over the German border. They felt like hiking around Königssee and I had never been so was keen to explore. We set off early and I remember being excited, it was my first time hiking in the German Alps. I was slightly nervous though as I was one of the least experienced hikers in the group. But all apprehension slipped my mind when I saw the mountains and Lake Königssee itself. It was crystal clear turquoise, the air was crisp (in a way only Alpine air can be!) and we were the only people there.

Autumn had made itself obvious, I’d never seen such orange trees! We rode the ferry to St. Bartholomew’s Church which is roughly were our hike began. As we boarded I remember thinking, is this the most beautiful lake in Germany? 

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Views from the ferry




Hiking around Königssee was tiring stuff!


Beautiful views over the lake


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