The Ultimate Vegan Food Guide to London

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The Ultimate Vegan Guide to London

The Ultimate Vegan Food Guide to London

Finding vegan food in London isn’t hard. In fact I haven’t ever lived somewhere where it is this easy to be vegan. But sometimes, too much choice makes life difficult and being indecisive to my core really doesn’t help. So my friend Grace and I took it upon ourselves to do a little research. One new vegan restaurant a week, discovering the best of London’s vegan food. Categorised by area, here are our top recommendations – The Ultimate Vegan Food Guide to London. I hope you find somewhere new and rest assured, this post will be updated regularly with any new finds worthy of the list!

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The Ultimate Vegan Guide to London

These restaurants are not all entirely vegan, just as a heads up. Some are vegetarian & vegan, some just have vegan options. But they all made the list because those vegan options are the bomb. I am quite sure I was a food critic in a past life because I have really enjoyed researching this post, noting down my opinions and writing them up. So I hope you enjoy this Ultimate Vegan Food Guide to London too. If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments for me and fellow readers! I will happily try them personally and add the to the list in due course.


BoxPark is an indoor street food market come pop-up retail space in the centre of Shoreditch. It is amazing for vegans as most places offer a vegan option if they aren’t entirely vegan to begin with. What the Pitta (vg) is easily my favourite and I usually order the Couscous Salad box with spiced soya pieces. It is delicious, I don’t know what they do to that soya meat alternative but it is gooood! Eat Chay (vg) is a close second (but top for Instagram marketing!) with the vegan gyros at The Athenian coming in third. I 100% recommend going here and checking Shoreditch out if you are on holiday in London. The nightlife is amazing and in the day you can do a street art tour to see all the Banksy pieces as well as some other equally as impressive street art by lesser known artists. More recently I gave Biff’s Jack Shack (vg) a go and have to say, they have squeezed in at second place. I’m not usually a fan of jackfruit alternative meat but these guys have their recipes down.  


Genesis (vg) have the most appealing vegan menu potentially ever! It is a combination of American diner, Mexican and Asian food, the only focus being that their ingredients are organic everything is vegan! However, it is pretty expensive so maybe save this one for special occasions. Unless you fancy treating yourself then go for it! I recommend their sticky toffee pudding with cashew coconut ice cream.
Temple of Seitan (vg) (multiple locations) is vegan fast food using seitan, obviously! Go here for the most realistic fake chicken burger of your life and the perfect hangover cure!
Andu Cafe (vg) is perfect if you’re in the mood for trying something new. They serve traditional Ethiopian food which is also vegan, hearty and warming. Plus take away is £5 so you can’t really go wrong.


Anmee is our go to for cheap eats. It is a Vietnamese restaurant with tofu or aubergine vegan options. Make sure to ask for no fish sauce if you are vegan and be super clear because they have been known to get an order or two wrong!
Dou Dou (vg) is an entirely vegan Chinese buffet at £7.50 a head… such a dream. It is a little greasy but I find Chinese food generally is? But they have lots of fresh salads too and the vegan pancake duck rolls are AMAZING!
Mildreds (vg) (multiple locations) is SUPER famous, potentially the most famous vegan/vegetarian restaurant in London and definitely on every vegan food guide to London out there. They serve a mixture of cuisines and impeccable vegan deserts. We go here when we don’t want to mess around because we know we’ll be pleased.
Purezza (vg) is a completely plant based pizzeria, check out their Instagram and you wont be able to say no. All the pizzas look amazing and they use vegan rice cheese and vegan mozzarella as cheese alternatives. They serve, hands down, the best pizza I have ever had. And I have never liked vegan cheese (or normal cheese!) but this cheese is different.


Camden market is another great market for vegans although it is outdoors so better on a sunny day! You can wander around, taking in the truly endless vegan options on offer and do a little shopping at the same time if you fancy. But you have to try Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner (vg) because this is vegan fast food at it’s finest. Everything is so delicious I can’t recommend one thing… maybe the hotdog but I don’t know, it is all good! Maize Blaze is Colombian street food and they have vegan options which I loved and talked about in this post. Young Vegans (vg) is an entirely vegan pie shop… enough said? I recently ordered Magic Falafel (vg) on Uber Eats and they are based in Camden Market. Their falafel is truly amazing and I loved the deep fried aubergine.


Sagar is our favourite vegetarian/vegan Indian in all of London. The menu is overwhelming because there is so much choice! And from what I’ve had, it is all delicious. The restaurant itself is a little underwhelming but the food makes up for it.
By Chloe (vg) is a vegan fast food place founded in New York. Their fish and chips are great as are all the burgers. This is an easy fast food option when in Covent Garden.
Wild Food Cafe (vg) I’ve only eaten here once and it was very healthy vegan food which makes a change for this list! Their teas are also great, I like creativity and give!


Deliciously Ella’s Deli (vg) I have followed Deliciously Ella for years and have a few of her cookbooks. However her Deli is on our list purely for the quality of food, which is very high. It is healthy, tastes amazing and is inexpensive.
Kalifornia Kitchen (vg) is a little pricier, restaurant prices, but the feel of the place and the food make it worth while. This is a very trendy vegan restaurant worth checking out and is an obvious Instagram spot. The entire restaurant is pink!
Ethos is a veggie/vegan self service restaurant. You pay by weight of your plate! They focus on zero waste and have a flexitarian mantra and this is Grace’s top pick for central London.
Tibits is another self service, pay by weight of your plate restaurant. Their sticky toffee pudding is especially good but be aware, this place is pricey! It is lower on my favourites list but if you live in London and want to try somewhere new then it is an option.
Farm Girl Cafe for delicious smoothie bowls and salads, Farm Girl Cafe is a must. It’s above Sweaty Betty on Carnaby street and they have loads of delicious, healthy and fresh food to choose from all inspired by the vibrant brunch culture in Melbourne.


Foodilic is a predominantly vegetarian/vegan buffet in Kings Cross however they do also serve some meat. They are very healthy eating focused and serve a variety of hot and cold salads. The buffet is £7.50 so very good value. The atmosphere isn’t amazing, I walked past hundreds of times before finally going in. But aren’t I glad! The food is delicious.
Dishoom (multiple locations) is authentic Indian cooking, modernised. Another incredibly trendy spot, the Kings Cross and Carnaby Street locations are my favourite. They also have a great bar here which you can wait in until a table is free.
Franco Manca (multiple locations) do vegan cheese substitutes for all of their pizzas but it is the sourdough base that gets me… every time! I have been countless times and am actually going tomorrow. I don’t love their cheese but it’s such an easy option as there are Franco Mancas all over London.


Every Saturday on Rupert Street you will find Soho Vegan Market (vg). That’s right, an entirely vegan market. What more could you want? This is a great place to spoil yourself with London’s best, up and coming street food companies. I first discovered Eat Chay and Young Vegans here when they had pop-ups in the market. Don’t miss it, you wont be disappointed. Just a heads up, it is an outdoor market!


Mercato Metroplitano is another indoor food market, this time focused on having little environmental impact while severing a huge variety of artisan street foods and drinks. It is such a great place to go as a group as there is food to suit all dietary requirements. My favourite is the hotdog place, their vegan hotdog is to die for. The falafel at the Lebanese place is also amazing as is the vegan Banh Mi at the Vietnamese place. They also have an onsite brewery, distillery and cinema!

The Ultimate Vegan Guide to London

Rasa, Stoke Newington has grown massively over the last 10 years, there is even one as far as Birmingham! The south Indian dishes are authentic and moreish and entirely vegetarian with many vegan options.
Ms Cupcake, Brixton (vg) is famous for their vegan cakes, cookies and other sweet treats. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but once you’ve tried one of their cakes you’ll understand the hype.
The Spoke, Archway serve the best seitan burger I have ever had in my life. I’ve only had it once but have been dying to go back every since so if you find yourself in the area, I recommend going!
Cookies and Scream, Islington (vg) is a vegan and gluten free bakery. Their Instagram has me drooling constantly. It isn’t the healthiest of places but wow, the food is delicious!

This is the first edition of the Local Leo Ultimate Vgean food Guide to London, published 20.03.19. I will keep track of updates here for you so you know how current the information is! Hope you enjoyed.

Updated 23.07.19


  1. Can you believe that I literally lived in the heart of London for years – and yet I don’t know the majority of these places! When I go back to visit I will 100% follow your guide and let you know how I get on ?

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

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