With the success of Game Changers and over 750,000 people signing up for Veganuary this year, the plant-based movement is growing faster than ever before as people are making a conscious effort to improve their health, protect animals and help the environment. But the veteran vegans among know that eating healthily isn't always a priority, especially in a city like London where the vegan fast food options are endless. Currently, these are my top 10 recommendations for unmissable vegan fast food restaurants in London, having travelled far and wide to discover what there is on offer!

2020 is set to be an exciting year for veganism with new fast food businesses opening regularly in London and across the globe. Therefore I will keep this post updated throughout the year with new discoveries worthy of a position in London's top 10!

1. Rudy's Dirty Vegan Diner

Rudy's Diner specialise in junk food of the most delicious kind, perfect for curing all hangovers and burger cravings. Located in the centre of Camden Market, you could miss it if you didn't know it was there amongst the hundreds of other food stands but this is seriously one not to miss when visiting London. Their vegan milkshakes are delicious too and they also sell cookies and cakes from Ms. Cupcake, a vegan bakery based in Brixton. So you'll have the chance to try some of Londons best vegan baked treats here too. Rudy's Dirty Vegan Diner.

2. Temple of Seitan

Temple of Seitan is a Hackney homegrown business but you can also find them near Camden Town in their second establishment. For those of you who don't know, seitan is an extremely realistic meat alternative and this is what Temple of Setian (aka Temple of Hackney and Temple of Camden) are known for. Basically, a vegan fried chicken shop, their chicken burgers, wings and popcorn is delicious. They also sell 'beef' burgers and have some delicious home made desserts to choose from too. 

3. Biff's Jack Shack

Another vegan fast food business established in Hackney, Biff's Jack Shack specialises in crispy fried jackfruit burgers and wings. It is safe to say, these are popular burgers as you can find them for sale all over London and the UK as a whole. I not only love their burgers (the Samuel Hell Jackson is my favourite) but their korn ribs are something else too. If you find yourself in Dalston, head to the first ever entirely vegan Brewdog for a great place to enjoy Biff's burgers

4. Eat Chay

Eat Chay bounces around different food markets making the best Asian vegan fast food I have ever tried! From bao buns to banh mi and bento, they have a seriously creative approach to traditional East Asian food. The menu isn't huge but they have perfected what they do and it is my top recommendation for vegan Asian fast food.

5. What The Pitta

What The Pitta is the perfect vegan kebab alternative and this top 10 unmissable vegan fast food restaurants in London list would not be complete without a kebab recommendation, as the traditional drunken night out food of the country. They also serve mezze boxes which are my preferred option along with the best vegan baklava I have ever tried for dessert. What The Pitta is based in Camden but they also have a space in the Shoreditch Box Park which is a great place to go for vegan street food. Eat Chay and Biff's Jack Shack also have a space there.

6. Young Vegans Pie Shop

Young Vegans Pie Shop had to make the list as another vegan alternative for traditional British pub grub. Their stake and ale pies are hearty and perfect for a cold day but it's their slightly stranger combinations that pique everyone's interest. The sweet and sour chick'n pie or parmigiana pie for example! Their sides are delicious too and they have a great vegan dessert range which I can't say no to. 

7. Magic Falafel

Magic Falafel is a game changer when it comes to chickpeas and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Just check out their reviews, people can't get enough of what is apparently the best falafel and hummus in Europe. I love how fresh everything is and you get such generous portions. They often have free deep-fried pitta to snack on too while your falafel fries which is super moreish. 

8. Eat of Eden

Eat of Eden is an entirely vegan Carribean place in Brixton Market. I love Caribbean cuisine and have tried my fair share in London, but this is definitely the best place for it. The sharing platter for two could easily feed four and still leaves you absolutely stuffed. Their stewed peas and dumplings are to die for as are their cocktail mixes.

9. Sutton and Sons

Sutton and Sons sell the best vegan fish and chips in London. Unfortunately, the chippy is not entirely vegan despite that fact it's what made them famous (let's hope they get there eventually). They make their fish with banana blossom or tofu and also sell vegan scampi which is my favourite part. Young Vegans Pie Shop have teamed up with Sutton and Sons too so you have a chip shop pie option and they also have battered sausage alternatives. All very 'traditional fish and chip shop' but vegan!

10. Club Mexicana

Last but not least is Club Mexicana and you guessed it, this is all about the vegan Mexican fast food. Another favourite of mine, their burrito and taco fillings are rich and spicey and I love the contrast with pieces of pineapple and pickled onion on top. They have a base in Covent Garden, Shoreditch and soon to be opening on Carnaby Street in Kingly Court.