Local Leo simply put, is a travel and lifestyle blog. But it's a little different to the thousands of others out there, I like to think so anyway. It is written by me, Jenny (hi all) and has evolved from a beauty and fashion blog, to a travel and lifestyle blog with a focus on being kind to yourself and the planet. That change in content has changed as I've gotten older and of course, the world has become climate aware. It is so important to live sustainably and ethically, all the more so in 2020. And I want to help by sharing my journey in becoming a sustainability queen. Living consciously, having minimum impact and maximum fun.

I like curious people who are tuned into the ways of the world. People who want to fill the gaps in their knowledge about climate change, becoming more informed, mindful humans. This is what I want for myself, my friends and anyone else who wants to learn alongside me is more than welcome to join the Local Leo community. 

I'm a citizen of the beautiful country of New Zealand and I grew up in England with my family. I speak fluent English and decent German but would love to be fluent in both. In 2015 I moved to Salzburg, Austria to study one semester of my degree with Erasmus. After graduating I spent a fair bit of time escaping the realities of life! I travelled around New Zealand and South East Asia before relocating to London and starting my career. I am fully plant based and consciously making an effort to reduce my environmental impact in other areas of my life too.